Best Manga Reader App To Read Manga On Android And iOS 2019

Best Manga Reader App For Android and iOS Devices

In this blog post we present to you top 5 manga reader application you check out, for the latest manga updates and User-Friendly Interface for Ease-of-Use.

Manga is a Japanese style comic books and graphic novel which is typically aimed at adult as well as children. Although manga has been around in the Japanese culture for a long time now, in the recent years it has become more popular worldwide as they’re now been translated in English.

However, with lots of manga reader app available today, it hard to decide with one more reliable to give you latest manga update and also provides a clean user interface.
Therefore we, on TutsAlien have decided to investigate and bring to you the top 5 best manga reader app for both android and iOS

Top 5 Manga Reader App

  1. Crunchyroll Manga
  2. ZingBox
  3. Manga Box
  4. Manga Rock
  5. Manga Zone

Crunchyroll Manga


best manga reader app
Crunchyroll is a streaming platform on demand, very similar to Netflix but dedicated exclusively to anime and Manga. 
Crunchyroll a wholly legal free and premium Manga app that allows access to tons of Manga, but that requires you to create an account and in many cases pay a monthly fee to see the most updated and complete manga library.

On the positive side, the premium version gives the features of using the app without annoying ads and also gives you access to a huge library of licensed Manga series and the ability to see all episodes premiere the same day they are broadcast in Japan.

However the free version of the app only gives you access to a minimal Manga collections and the ads might obstruct your reading section making your reading experience less fun.
For years Crunchyroll has been an authority in the world of anime and manga. But,they have lost a bit of their authority since the introduction and availability of 100% free Apps.

This manga reading app is best for Manga lovers who are willing to pay for the premium version to enjoy a 100% legal content and maximal user satisfaction
In spite of everything, Crunchyroll is an excellent application that can give you a good manga reading experience.

Crunchyroll Manga
Crunchyroll Manga
Developer: Ellation, Inc.
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Zing Box

manga reader app

ZingBox is a Free, ad-free stylish manga reader app for android which serializes hottest manga worldwide and updates original comic works daily.

The App Supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode, as well as being able to block the rotation of the screen.

Also has option to switch to night mode and calibrate the brightness of the screen, and for readers who love to share their experiences, the App has a large community of users where you can exchange comments and suggestions.
The apps design is possibly the most worked and beautiful of all the manga reader app that on this list.

Once you install Zing Box, you must choose your favorite manga source (you can change at any time). ZingBox will allow you to read your favorite manga online, or download it to read offline.
ZingBox more than a book reader , it is a collector of popular online manga sources.

The application until recently was on Google Play, but for now it must be downloaded directly from its official website.
The app is available for both android and iOS devices, the experience of reading with ZingBox is unique Your online library is surprisingly large, and you’ll find everything you look for 99% of the time.

Download ZingBox Manga Here

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is another go-to app for all your manga reading needs!. And just Like ZingBox, this App allows you to connect to popular online manga sources and view their contents online or download them to read offline. The application has a darker interface, which can be very useful to read in the night.

best Manga reader app

Some of the functions you expect in any manga reader are present, such as Auto Zoom, the possibility of changing the orientation of the reading or the rotation of the page.

Some advanced features even allow you to change the pages with the volume buttons or create a custom bit and synchronize your reading progress on all your devices, allowing you to move from a tablet to a cell phone without losing your progress or having to drive by separated each device.

On the downside, Manga Rock adds advertising banners at the bottom of your screen and in between the pages, which steals precious reading space, so if you do not want those annoying Ads, the best is download and read offline. Also the lack of a community of users to share experiences and comments with other otakus is one of it flaws.

Manga Rock
Manga Rock

Also Check

Manga Box

Manga reader apk
Manga Box is another good Manga reader app that is considered 100% legal, since it is currently available on Google Play, thanks to its adherence to its copyrighted content publication policies. This makes Manga Box an App with a very reduced Library of Manga collection, but you are sure that they are totally legal.

Manga Box unlike other applications to read manga on Android and iOS , does not connect to an external manga source, but manages its own catalog of publications, which gives you free access.

DeNa, the developer of this App is of high caliber, the same company that is now making video games for Nintendo on mobile devices.

However, Manga Box does not even take my favorite manga reader App spot because it has some key flaws. For example, the interface is very basic, which is good and bad at the same time, since you do not have quick access to the key reading configurations such as controlling the rotation of the screen or the reading direction.

Manga Box: Manga App
Manga Box: Manga App
Price: To be announced

Manga Zone

manga reader apk

Manga Zone is another awesome and free to use Manga reader apk with this manga reading application i dare to say The otaku world in your hands.
This application has more than 15000 titles in its collection, something that is perfect both to start in this world and to find new things.

Within each Manga you can leave comments and see comments from other users, to get an idea of ​​what you are about to read.

The app has a nice and super simple user interface, although the latest app updates has some notable bugs issues which we believe will be fixed in the next version. However, Manga Zone is a good manga reading app and deserves a spot on this manga reader app list.

Manga Zone
Manga Zone
Developer: WSV
Price: Free+
The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Although there are tons of Manga reader app available on the internet, the Manga apps listed here are the best manga reading app based on the services, features and users review.
However if you know any other worthy Manga reading app that should be on the list then do well to mention them in the comment box.