How To Use BS Tweaker (Bluestacks Tweaker) -100% Working

BS Tweaker

Download Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker: Bluestacks is the best and one of the most prominent Android emulator available today. It gives you access to install and use your Android apps on your Laptop.

Also, it’s the best from the recharge and shopping tricks point of view its one of the best emulator. But of course, there are certain features you can only access after rooting your Bluestacks emulator. As it is rooting is a mandatory requirement for every tweak that involves manipulating stock values of a device identity.

BS Tweaker

To make task on Bluestacks easier you need to have a handy tool known as Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker) for better modification of Bluestacks player environment settings.
In this post am going to teach you how to use Bs tweaker and also share the download link for the latest version of the Bs tweaker for free and 100% working guarantee

What Is Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker)

Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker) is a handy tool that lets you run along with Bluestacks to change the values of Android Id, Google advertisement Id and GUID(Globally Unique Identifier) without the need for any third-party app.

Also, just like tweaking an IMEI number you can use it to launch the app player and also change the phone model Bluestacks is running on. Another powerful feature of the Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker) is that it gives users the chance to enhance the performance of Bluestacks.

Why Use This Tool

Nowadays Android app developer secure their app by checking the Android ID to track users trying to download the same app on the same device again. So by using this tool you can change it and bypass this security.

As it is, whenever refer and earn comes all we need to do is simply change GUID, Android ID and Google Ad ID in Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker) in order to earn more by downloading from your own referral link. Take for example Top Up Africa.

Outstanding features of Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker)

1. Enable full access for modification or change the resolution at which your Bluestacks Virtual Machine is running.

2. Bluestacks tweaker allows ease tweak of Android ID, GUID, Google Advertisement ID & Model.

3. Also, it allows multiple installations of same android application(you can even use five different WhatsApp if you like

4. Bs tweaker can be used to accumulate Recharge bonus and earn unlimited referral cash from application that offers to earn from referral

5. Also with Bs tweaker, you can play games like Pokemon Go which requires GPS and laptops & PC’s don’t come equipped with one.

6. Another amazing feature Bluestacks tweaker is using it to optimize the performance of Bluestacks.

How To Use Bs tweaker (Bluestacks tweaker)

  • First download Bluestacks app player here if you don’t have one already.
  • Then, use this step by step guide to root your Bluestack emulator.
  • Also, Download Bluestacks tweaker using this direct download link. Then, extract and install BluestacksTweaker3.
  • Launch the Bluestacks app player and Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker). But, note that when running Bluestacks for the first time it will require some minutes to completely load depending on your Pc’s performance.
  • Now some new features are accessible like the. Bs tweaker(Bluestacks tweaker) start and stop Bluestacks, change GUID, Android ID, Google Advertising Id, Options.
  • Then, Use the Bluestacks tweaker start and Stop option to run, end and restart Bluestacks from the BlueStacks Tweaker program.
  • After, restarting the Bluestacks, Tweak the Values you want to modify like GUID, Android Id. By selecting the Change option and then Click Restart Bluestacks.
  • And with that, you can tweak or change the GUID(Globally Unique Identifier) and Android Id of Bluestacks.

Bluestacks tweaker


BS tweaker (Bluestacks tweaker) has proven that Tweaking tricks are not only bounded to smartphones. But can also be accessed using the Bluestacks android emulator and BS tweaker software.

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