How To Choose Your Blogging Niche And Not Regret It Later

Choose Your blogging Niche

Blogging Niche: Do you want to start a blog but you are stalling when it comes to choosing your blogging niche? Well, that not a bad feeling it a sign that you’re are not set up to make a hasty decision and be heartbroken. Although most startups have a clear vision of what niche to choose, the fact still remains most don’t know which blogging niche to choose.
As a matter of fact, most newbie or intending bloggers choose their blogging niche without careful thought on their decision and end up going Blog-Ruptcy(Smiles).

But, if you are the type that loves to tread on the safe path and want to know how to choose your blogging niche and not regret it later then this post is for you.
However, before we proceed to the main aim of this post let’s take this index to get an idea of what a niche is and what a good one is.

Choose Your blogging Niche

What Is A Blogging Niche

A Blogging niche simply means the focus topic of your blog relative to the type of contents you publish on your blog.
And niche itself is a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.
It’s more like saying you want to be a Developer you can opt to be the front-end developers who specialize in websites and applications Or back-end developers who work with servers and databases.
But, for more clarity on what this blogging niche really is and which one you might choose, check the filtered list below

  • Law
  • SEO
  • Food
  • Green
  • Health
  • Design
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Photography
  • Relationship
  • Entertainment

But mind you With any blogging niche, your choice may easily spread into other areas of blog contents. Don’t feel that the inceptive niche of your blog will be your static niche for life. Although the aim is to choose wisely.

What Is A Good Niche

A good niche is one which has monetary value, good volume of traffic and as a matter of fact, relates to what you love doing. But most importantly a good niche should have a future. Why should you make a career in iPhone 8 when iPhone X is about to overrule the market.
But, With that aside, we come to the main aim of this article

How to choose Your Blogging Niche And Not Regret It Later

So you want to choose your blogging niche now it’s time to be creative with your ideas and know what type of blogger you are are you blogging for money, fame, or just for the passion.

But, believe me, it’s the devil at work when I say am blogging for passion and not the money also. As a matter of fact, it is a great combo when both work in pari passu passion+career
So, before you choose your blogging niche first know why you want to start blogging and. Also, know what category of bloggers do you fall in

Two Types Of Blogger

  • Blogger who blog for passion
  • Bloggers who blog for money

Bloggers Who Blog For Passion

By default, this sets of bloggers tend to choose their blogging niche with ease, they don’t hesitate to choose as it rhymes perfectly with their passion.
This types of bloggers are focused on creating value for their audience. As a matter of facts, they don’t just publish meaningless articles but share knowledge and relevant information according to their passion experience and specialty to solve problems peculiar to readers in their niche.
For example, a sports Lover or Pundit intending to set up a blog has no difficulty determining his blogging niche as he would obviously run the blog one sport related content. Same goes for a Game Geek and a Caterer. Because in this relativeness you discover your niche from your potential interests and passion.

Bloggers who blog For Money.

Bloggers who blog for money are venturing into the craft simply because they want to make money blogging. However, most find it difficult to make decisions when it time to choose their blogging niche. As they tend to look for profitability in their selectiveness.
This types mostly go for the profitability or even operate on multi-niche this kind of setup has its own problem; you will fail to attract a targeted audience. Maybe later you start to regret after discovering your true niche. And specialty that could’ve made the journey easy and more profitable after years of establishing your first choice niche.

To avoid any of this wether blogging for passion or blogging for money. The ultimate guide in this main index will help you choose your blogging niche and inspire your decision.

Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Blogging Niche

Here’s a quick list

  • Does The Blogging Niche Interest You?
  • Consider Working With Your Profession
  • Research More On The Blogging Niche

Does The Blogging Niche Interest you?

Before choosing a niche or a particular topic you want to blog about you should be sure it what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about.

Passion keeps us motivated, passion stops us from giving up and passion helps us to keep us interested in learning and developing our skillsets within a particular niche.
Whatever blogging niche you choose, you need to love it and be naturally curious about it. Else, you’ll run out of ideas quickly.

Most importantly, you won’t be able to consistently create content that will build your audience. As a matter of fact if what you are blogging about doesn’t interest your readers will suffer for it and won’t pick up on it.

We all know that writing about Mesothelioma Law firm and insurance can make you a fortune. But can you constantly write quality contents and actually understand what you’re sharing?.
I can’t help but notice that most startup bloggers fail to this into consideration and at the end the quit blogging or complain that they don’t earn from blogging. It called “monetizing your passion” for a reason
point to note

  • Only choose Niche that interest you
  • Don’t pick topics that don’t interest you.

Consider Working With Your Profession

So, you are a doctor by profession and you want to start a blog? it shouldn’t be difficult for you to make a decision I duly advise you to choose a niche related to your profession Health
Although it may not be your passion to be a Doctor, for some unexplainable reason, But, still highly skilled in this sector then it perfect.

And as a matter of facts, it spreads your works create a social awareness for you online if as more healthy life pursuers will always visit your blog for your daily updates and healthy tips because of it effective. Also because you are an expert in this field.

Research More On The Blogging Niche

By now you must have few ideas running in your head after going through the first two guides. Then now it’s time to do research on your niche choice you need to gather every bits and piece of information (At least if you can).
This phase where you choose your blog niche should be handled with a thoughtful decision because of it a deterrent whether your blogging journey fares well or badly, success or failure.

i. Research And Be Ready For Competition In Your Niche.

Now you are about to make your decision you probably want to start a tech blog.
Then, the next step to take is to research your competitor and know how you can you dominate the tech niche.

Know what strategies and techniques you can employ to be the top baller in the game or even, is there much competition?.
These are key factors to consider after choosing your blogging niche. As a matter of facts, competition is not a bad thing it’s healthy
The fact that competitors exist is usually proof that it’s worth your time. As it is, when there is zero competition it means there is Non or less Demand (Economics student will understand *Smiles*).
then you should

ii. Research on the profitability

Let’s not forget as much as it is important to blog for the passion but it is also essential to make money too.

Can you get a well done(Money) After you have done well, Or are you doing it for charity?.
The niche you want to choose is it profitable is it worth your time and effort can you earn from it, after providing useful contents.

Know that Effort+Passion= Success. If your niche can get you good money when you monetize it then quit stalling and Go Start a blog already.

Check For long Term Potential

It’s tempting to look at google trends and try to choose the trending topic as your blog niche. But, no don’t do that. Instead, check for topics that trend and are evergreen.
It Bbnaija and you want to create a blog that’s about bbnaija2018. you know you’re set to lose when then reality show is over.

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Also, consider the fact that you might not be able to update your blog daily. Choose a niche which is timeless. One way to do this is to blog on evergreen topics where you can post contents that can stand the test of time. Although you can make an exception if you can follow the trend.


Now that you have supplement this information to your war chest. Then I suggest it time for you to start a blog.

Also, know that nobody can choose your blogging niche for you but yourself. And always remember Passion+Effort= Success, start with a great inception. Godspeed.

Thanks for reading!!