Earn Free Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency Right Now[Free 5000 Coins]

how to earn free electroneum

How to earn free Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency: Electroneum otherwise known as ETN is the hottest coin in town. No doubt that top rated traders are also investing in it, this coin is also the first british crypto coin.
Before I explain the proper procedures on how to earn free cryptocurrency that is the Electroneum I will want us to further talk about ETN and it’s inception.


What Is Electroneum?

how to earn free electroneum

Electroneum is the first ever British coin and the first ever mobile inclusive cryptocurrency. Electroneum transactions are also faster compared to that of bitcoin and Eutherium. That is fact because I bought some ETN coins after the relaunch three days ago and within just two minutes transaction was done already.

Electroneum cryptocurrency also has a high level of anonimity. It keeps all your transactions and wallet details secret. This level of safety for users investments has also led to the development of the offline wallet. ETN offline wallet is unhackable and 100% secure. The good thing is that you can create as much of these offline wallets you want and transfer your coins there.

At the present moment, electroneum has been listed on Cryptopia: a very popular and well known exchange site. You can buy and sell ETN coins there.

Below are listings of other sites where Electroneum has been proposed for listing:

  • Liqui
  • HitBTC
  • Poloniex
  • Evercoin
  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • Livecoin
  • Exmo

Benefits Of Electroneum (ETN)

This cryptocurrency has numerous advantages: Firstly, it is very cheap at the moment and friendly to newbie investors. It is also a mobile usable coin, the first of its kind. It can be mined using mobile meaning it will be very easy to earn free of it. Another advantage of this coin is its offline wallet which is highly secured and unhackable.

How To Earn Free Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency

Now this is the most important aspect of this article. How to earn free ETN coins cryptocurrency.

1: Download and install Electroneum mobile app on your phone from Google playstore.

2: Open the app and create new account. This procedure will take you just 5 minutes. Please keep this page open while you setup the Electroneum account.

3: Once done you can access your Electroneum app and all its content.

4: At the bottom you will see some navigation like: Miner, wallet, value, more. Click on More.

5: Click on Earn free coins

6: Scroll to the bottom and click on scan a code or Enter a code

7: All you have to do is scan the QR code in the image below or enter the money code (E28FED) you see at the top right corner.

earn free electroneum

With that you have successfully learnt how to earn free electroneum ETN cryptocurrency.


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