How To Get 1000+ Free Facebook Bot Likes (100% WORKING)

facebook bot likes

Free Facebook Bot likes: Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the World. Infact, latest statistics records that More than 2.20 billion people Worldwide use Facebook everyday for their daily activities. You can share your best moments on Facebook and you can also connect with family and friends.

Depending on how and what exactly you use Facebook for you definitely want to get lots of interactions on your posts.

Facebook uses an algorithm that ensures that each friend on Facebook get to see your post and also react to it. However, alot of Facebook users suffer from low post reactions and engagements. This can include gaining just a single like or a single comment from a post of weeks. If you are delighted about Facebook likes just like I am then you must surely be glad to know there’s a way you can get free Facebook bot likes for free. I mean TOTALLY FREE!!!

facebook bot likes

You must be pretty excited so let’s get going…

How Does Free Facebook Bot Likes Work

The first moment you initiate the bot you give it full freedom to like and comment on posts made by others who are also using this bot. Afterward, when you make a Facebook post you run the bot from the application after selecting the total amounts of reactions you want. Relax and watch the bot gain likes and comments on your post.

The Facebook bot likes gives you many number of reactions on your post that can eventually be a boasting factor among your peers. But remember: “You mustn’t expose your bot”.

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How To Get Free Facebook Bot Likes

Okay! Let’s get to the point.

  1.  Download Facebook bot likes app for free using this link.
  2. Install the application after download is completed.
  3. Sign in your Facebook account through the app and give it authorization privilege.
  4. Select the post you want to send Facebook bot likes to.
  5. Wait for few seconds as the likes roll in ..

And that’s it with this you can get up to 1000+ auto free Facebook bot likes for no cost.

But, note that in order for Facebook bot likes to work your account and post privacy must be set to public.

If you encounter any difficulties please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and I hope you learnt how to get free Facebook bot likes.