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How To Get Grammarly Premium Free 2019

Would you love to know how to get Grammarly premium free?. then keep reading.

Grammarly premuim account for free

Are you aspiring to have the perfect article or do you want to write a document with no grammatical errors?. Then Grammarly is the ideal tool to do this for you, Grammarly keeps your written language intact.

The essence of this post is to teach free and the new users who would love to enjoy the premium feature how to get a Grammarly premium free.

Everything you should know about Grammarly

Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement tool which is said to be the number one grammar checking tool plus it also detects plagiarism; that is it spots unoriginal text and suggesting an edit for replacement.

  • Wondering How Users Make Use Of Grammarly?

Like I have said Grammarly is handy as many writers and experts who want their contents to be mistake-free use it for their various writing tasks for work, school projects casual writings.

It comes handy for use during letter writing, seal documents and compiles social media posts without mistakes or errors, even useful for blog posts content.

  • How Accurate Is Grammarly?

Grammarly has rated the number one grammar checking tool. Which maintains an excellent vocabulary and ensures correct spellings in an article.

Do you think your vocabulary is perfect when writing? Apparently, you have not analyzed it on Grammarly for confirmation. No matter how good you feel are, Grammarly will always identify an error in your grammar and convention then suggest the best correction for it.

  • How Correctly Does Grammarly Work?

According to the Grammarly Inc and from my user experience, when Grammarly detects a grammatical error in your document, it flags the specific line where the issue is in your text and provides an alternate replacement for Correction. Minding that it also gives the reasons why that particular phrase was flagged and why it isn’t suitable for your grammar.

  • Reasons Why You Should Use Grammarly?

Like I have said if you aspire to get the perfect article and want to get a 100% readability and precise vocabulary. Then you will want to paste your blog post into the Grammarly tool after composing them to ensure your texts are readable and correctly staged

Grammarly is of Great Use for:

  • Bloggers
  • Business Individuals
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers

In as much as written documents are involved then Grammarly tool should be required and can be used by people of other notable professions.

Another significant use of this tool is that it improves the users writing skills the more a user uses this tool, the more his writing skills improve

The Two Type Of Grammarly Account You Can Use.

There are two types of Grammarly account you could choose. That is the free trial account and the Premium account Hearing of this two types of Grammarly account, and you already know what to expect which means you get to enjoy more benefits using the Grammarly premium account than the free trial account. But before you decide which to use let me run you through the different benefits you get using the free trial and the Grammarly premium account

Grammarly Premium VS Grammarly Free Trial Account

Grammarly Free Trial

What do you think when you hear the word Grammarly free trial? Well, whatever your thoughts let me state that though the free trial has limited features compared to the premium account you shouldn’t underestimate the Grammarly free trial account as it also has it estimable features too, but the Grammarly Premium obviously the better in my opinion though I will recommend the free trial account for students or small-time writers who cannot afford to pay for Grammarly premium account.

Benefits You Enjoy Using Grammarly Premium Account

1. Outstanding Spells And Grammars Checks

The free account provides 150 grammar checks, unlike the premium Grammarly account that provides 400 error checks within your grammars and spellings. If you desire meager error rates for your readers, then the premium account will be the best choice for you.

2. Enhances Readability

Grammarly premium account assures the use of fitting words within your sentences, it analyzes the word that best suit your speech and it recommends it for better readability which is also useful for SEO.

3. Plagiarism Check On Over 8 Billion Web Pages

Grammarly premium comes with an inbuilt bot that checks all the articles and over 8 billion pages on the web for plagiarized content that may be in use in your article.

So for bloggers who wish to rank higher for targeted keywords and remain within Google’s good books, this should be of great benefit to you Cause Grammarly crawls the web for passages that has frequently been repeatedly, and it corrects it into a different reading.

4. Grammarly’s Integration With Microsoft® Office

Grammarly premium account gives an add-on for Microsoft office application. And aids you to write well while using word application to maintain an excellent document. This feature is not available for Grammarly free trial account.

5. Gives Details On Grammatical Errors

The premium Grammarly account detects errors in your texts and provides detailed reasons why it is so you can get a better understanding why your grammar isn’t right, and it makes a suitable sentence for you so you can correct the grammatical errors in your Document

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How To Get Grammarly Premium Free

To get Grammarly premium account, it will cost you at least 20$, but no worries do you wish to get Grammarly premium account? Well, the good news is you can get Grammarly premium free, yes free!

I will run you through the two working methods which you can use and teach you how to get Grammarly premium free.


The first method on how to get Grammarly premium free.

Click this Grammarly link

You should have a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser so you can Download the Grammarly extension to your computer.

After signing up, you will be allowed to access and use Grammarly premium free for just one week.

PS: Be sure to use the link above and install the extension first before proceeding to signup Grammarly account for this to work.


This second method is very much essential because the account from the first method will only give you week access to premium features so to keep it going follow the process am going to teach you in this second method.

The second method follows up only after you’ve used the first method to get a Grammarly premium Free.

This method involves the use of Grammarly referral program to prolong your access to the premium account. As Grammarly will reward you with a one-week premium account for each new user that join via your referral link. That is if you refer 100 people you get to use Grammarly premium account for 100 weeks. Cool right?

Login to the Grammarly account you made with the first method

Click on the Grammarly referral program link.

When you have been logged in. You will see your account’s unique referral code at the bottom just like in the picture below (

Grammarly premium free

Copy your referral link and use another separate browser. If your primary Grammarly account was opened in chrome browser then consider using Mozilla Browser. Clear your all-time cookies and cache. Use a reliable VPN and then turn on tracking protection to block Grammarly from obtaining your cookies

Paste your referral link into the address bar and load the page

You will be directed to a new signup form for Grammarly, then proceed to fill your info using fake details. Then complete the signup and one-week extension will be added to your primary Grammarly account.

You can choose to delete the new account with false information. To keep extending your Grammarly premium account repeat this Second method continuously

I assume you have learned how to get Grammarly premium Free. if you are having problems following the above method feel free to say so in the comment box for help.

Have a pleasant Grammarly experience and keep enjoying the premium account for free.

Don’t forget to share and recommend this tutorial to a friend who needs an outstanding tool like Grammarly.


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