How To Get Free Robux 2018 Hack(100% Working)

How to get Free Robux

Get Free Robux Hack:
Hello once again guys, today I will be sharing you a trick on how to get free robux; Yes and I mean absolutely free.

Robux is the main currency used in the Roblux game to upgrade tools, customize characters and much more. However, to earn Robux is very hard and tough.
Unfortunately; the internet has done more harm with fake robux hack and generators online that either scam you or waste your valuable time.

I must admit a lot of you really need tricks on how to get free robux but the problem is that you may have gone to the wrong places like YouTube or other blogs where they asked you to download programs in order to earn free robux. I assure you that it is fake and the programs contain trojans and malware which will ultimately harm your computer.
In this article however, I will reveal available methods that you can use on how to get free robux.

What Is Robux And How To Get Free Robux

How to get Free Robux
Robux is the official virtual currency of Roblox; a platform or game where you create your imaginations into reality.
Roblox is powered by more than 2 million users who create their platform where they and others can play it.

Among things players can do on Roblox include becoming a superhero, competing as a professional race driver or even starring in a fashion show. Roblox can be played on Xbox, Windows, Android and iPhone.
Using the Robux currency, Users can acquire lots of in-game content. You can use Robux to upgrade your character or to purchase special abilities in the game.

How To Get Free Robux On Roblox

Working Freee Robux Method

  1. Roblox Robux Generator Tool( Therobuxapp )
  2. Collectibles And Exchanges
  3. Build Your Own Game

Roblox Robux Generator Tool

get Free RobuxThe robux generator tool is okay for users who are searching for how to get free robux. All you have to do is enter your roblox username and send robux currency.
The online generator can credit you with robux up to hundreds of thousands of robux.
This app can help you generate lots of free robux without spending a penny. Visit here

Collectibles And Exchange

How to get Free Robux

The very first thing you can do is to purchase collectibles at a much cheaper value and sell later at a higher amount. It’s much more an investment thing! This is also great for users who wish to know how to get free robux.

Here is what is required:

  • You have to buy Robux and spend them on collectibles and limited items.
  • This method requires a minimum amount of 200 Robux.
  • You must be a member of builders club.

Here’s how to do it properly:

  1. Buy or generate( Using the therobuxapp) some adequate amount of Robux.
  2. Search for a limited time product. This is a special offer that can actually generate profit for you in the long run.
  3. Buy as much limited time collectible items as you can then wait for the value to increase then sell.

These collectible items range from faces, hats, hairstyles, weapons and many more.
Another alternative is to engage in exchanges.

Note that you must be a builders club member to do this. Ensure the exchange will benefit you and you must also be smart when doing exchanges. To get an exchanger, request it through the Robux exchange forum.

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Build Your Own Game

How to get Free Robux
Big Roblox creators earn huge amount of robux courtesy of their game on a daily basis.
How do they do it?

They make a game, promote it, it gets famous with lots of players and they sell VIP upgrades, characters and packages to players.
Some of these big games are Lumber Tycoon, Prison Life, Vampire Hunters 2, Pokemon Brick Bronze; just to name a few.

In order to create your game, you have to be a member of the builders club. Another skill you need is creative talent to program and generate good ideas for your game.
With all these said, I wish you great luck in earning robux. If this article helped you in learning how to get free robux then don’t leave without sharing!

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