How To Root Bluestacks – Best Method 100% Working 2018

Root bluestacks

Here is an updated and working method on How to root bluestacks 3 the easy way read best working methods on how to root Bluestacks Android Emulator right Now.

But first, for those who have no or less experience about Bluestacks am going to give you few highlights on what you should know about Bluestacks.

How to Root bluestacks

What is Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the most prominent Android emulator/ virtual machine that lets you run your android smartphones applications on your Windows PC and Mac computer. Giving you that Android experience on your PC.
According to statistics, there are more than 130million Bluestacks users, running the Android app player on their Pc. As it has an outstanding UI(user interface) and graphics. Also, you can get to play your favorite Android games with Joystick and enjoy with ease.

The Benefits of Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks serves as a virtual machine that lets you play your favorite android media on a computer it generally brings your android device to your computer.
Bluestacks give you a higher resolution you android game or app as it is displayed on a larger screen.

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Also with Bluestacks you can use and play games that require higher OS than your smartphones OS.
Although, Bluestacks lags a bit so some of the games show errors. But still, it has no compatibility issues.

Download the latest version of Bluestacks here

Benefits of rooting Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is most useful when rooted as one can make some tweaks and access some features you can’t access without root.
Also by rooting Bluestacks, you maximize the use and optimize Bluestack’s performance.

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How To Root Bluestacks

Carefully follow the step by step guide below on how to root Bluestacks.

  • First, download Kingroot Apk from the download link here.
  • Then, go to the app repository and launch king root app.
  • Wait for few seconds till king root start running.
  • Then Click root to start the process.
  • After some minutes a green circular tick will appear on your screen to show that you’ve successfully root Bluestacks app player.
  • Now, restart the Bluestacks after root completion.
  • Then, Go to play store and install root checker. launch and allow it to verify Bluestacks root.

Now for some reasons the method above might possibly not work for so , i have another badass and working method on how to root bluestacks 3 with bstweaker

How To Root Bluestacks 3 With BSTweaker

1. First of all you need to download Bs Tweaker Here once this is done extract zip file of the downloaded Bluestacks Tweaker

2. Then run the Bs Tweaker Program as an administrator, with the help of the Bluestacks Tweaker you will be able to modify bluestacks 3 without problems

3. After running the Bs Tweaker you should see and Interface like in the Image Below

How to root bluestacks 3

4. Then Click on FORCE KILL BS to end every running proccesses of Bluestacks automatically

How to root bluestacks 3

5. After this you’ll see force kill; true notification at the bottom left of the bs tweaker this show Force Kill Function is complete. Now navigate to the HELPERS TAB  and tap on the UNLOCK(MULTI) as seen in the Image below

How to root bluestacks 3

6. Then wait for it to process for a while, and goto the main BS Tweaker start up tab and click on START BS.

How to root bluestacks 3

6. This will Startup your Bluestacks, now on the Bs Tweaker and goto to the helpers tab again.

7. Then Click on PATCH option as in the image below to successfully complete Bluestacks root from the Bluestacks Tweaker

How to root bluestacks 3

8. This will take a while so wait for Bs Tweaker to finish patching bluestacks after this is done now go to playstore and download SuperSU.

9. Once you finish Installing the SuperSU app, then restart bluestacks, after the restart you will be welcomed to a rooted bluestacks.

How to root bluestacks Is Now Successful

Now this is the updated methid on how to root Bluestacks. follow every step as shown here and you will surely get result.

However if you can’t still determined if your bluestacks has been rooted then install root check from playstore and confirm.

If you have any problem on how to root bluestacks please use the comment box for any query and don’t forget to Share with friends


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